Veterinarians, turn your phone into a video otoscope with the OtoClip.

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  • How it works

    Clips over your phone's camera and flashlight to allow filming videos of pets' ear canals

  • Benefits

    Handy for improving compliance by showing pet parents ear issues that they otherwise couldn't see

  • As featured in...

    "invented by a vet who lives in Brisbane. It’s a very ingenious little device..."

    Vet Practice Mag Article 
  • Vets say...

    "I'm already loving it... I'm looking forward to it allowing me to enhance communication with my clients." - Dr sarah

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About the OtoClip

The OtoClip is made is Aus by Dr Dev for Veterinarians to be able to demonstrate ear issues in pets that would otherwise go unseen by pet parents. Clip the OtoClip over your phones camera and flashlight and begin recording. Videos can be shared with clients in consults, shared on social media and attached to medidcal records.