How to use your new OtoClip

How to use the OtoClip


Q. How does the OtoClip work?
A. The OtoClip clips over your phones camera and flashlight to enable filming down pets ears.

Q. My phone has multiple cameras, which one is best to use?
A. For most phones, the normal camera that works with 2x zoom is best. 

Q. How do I take pictures with my OtoClip?
A. Record a video & screen shot the part you want to save. Alternatively, for many phones you can take photos once you start recording your video (the camera button is usually located on the left or right of the record button).

Q. How do I get the best picture or video with my OtoClip?
A. For most phones, filming a video with 2X zoom, then after saving the video, crop or zoom in further for best image quality.