Dr Devon Veterinarian

Dr Dev – Creator, Chief Veterinarian and Coffee Snob

Howdy, I’m Dr Dev, the creator of the OtoClip. Through working as a Veterinarian, I am able to fulfil my passion of helping people and pets. My daily goal is to help animals live their best lives by being their voice. I achieve this through working with an exceptional team of vets and nurses in a small animal practice in Brisbane, Australia as well as through non clinical work on an animal ethics committee. Outside of work I am an enthusiastic amateur mountain biker, pet parent, soon-to-be husband, coffee addict and hardcore The Office fanboy.  

I created the OtoClip for my own use, to be able to show people what it looks like down their pets ears. I found myself frequently saying, "I wish I could show you this..." as I peer down a conventional otoscope. Since the OtoClip, I now say, "have a look at this!" I have had eager interest from fellow Veterinarians for their own OtoClip, so in case this is helpful to others, I am making the OtoClip available to Veterinarians who find themselves thinking, "I wish I could show you this..." I have found the OtoClip results in better relationships with clients, increased compliance and more enjoyable vet visits (or at least I'd like to think so).

I'm learning a lot through creating the OtoClip and always happy for a chat. I’m best found on linkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/devon-bornhutter/ 

Here's a 1 min video demo.

Sean & Meredith

Sean – Senior Engineer, Jack-of-all Trades and Self-Proclaimed Funny Dude.

Howzit! I'm Sean and I help my son Devon produce the OtoClip. I have a diverse skill set, having received training in electronics with the South African Army & IBM. I immigrated to Australia with my wife and young family when I was in my early 30s. Since then, I have been working hard to support my family and give them the best possible life here in Australia. I am a proud Australian, but still am an avid supporter of the Springboks! I am cheeky, a little hard of hearing and love building and creating. In my spare time I pride myself on my gardening and home-made biltong.

Georgia & Meredith

Georgia – Business Development Manager, Ideas Woman and Clingy Dog Owner

Hi hi, I'm Georgia. My primary role is to ensure the vision of OtoClip we have in our heads plays out the same (if not better!) in real life. I thrive on helping others reach their best potential and am here to support our business team & Veterinarians that support us. I am an Environmental Scientist by trade and an ambitious go-getter by heart. Other than that, I love to hit up any and all burger shops within Brisbane, consume any format of true crime and smother our dog Meredith with all my love and affection.